At Neil’s North Shore Skip Bins we are proud to have a policy in place for the environment. We take the attitude that efficiency and common sense in our industry goes a long way in lightening our Carbon Footprint on the planet.

To achieve our policy goals we are constantly maintaining and updating our fleet to the highest standards. We run only efficient and reliable anti pollution diesel engines in our late model trucks and we carefully match the truck size to the specific job. We won’t send our bigger trucks to service the smaller bins but we are able to pick up multiple bins with our larger trucks, saving all those extra trips and thereby drastically reducing the total amount of energy used.

We actively encourage recycling and are happy to advise our customers on ways to effectively and efficiently recycle all waste types, even if it requires separate bins for different materials. We feel it’s only common sense to be as efficient as possible and by contributing in this way we can all help the environment.